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Discipline ... trying to change.

I'm going to try to make a change from today .... a change in the way I discipline my children. I decided to write it down so that it's documented and I have a reminder of why I want to do it. 

Of late, I've become an impatient, shouty, smacking kind of mum and a) it's not working in terms of teaching the boys right from wrong and b) it's not the sort of mum I wanted to be when I envisaged myself with children. Now I know we all have ideals about what sort of parent we will be and frankly many of these go out of the window when we are actually doing it, but this is different. And I know it's not going to be easy. Old habits die hard and when the boys are really being naughty it will be easy to fall back in to the old ways but I'm determined to try.

Ups and Downs ... just part of being self employed.

I have been teaching Daisy Birthing classes for 16 months now and Daisy Baby for 
3 months and I can honestly say that I've had no regrets at changing my career path. However, at the beginning of the week I was having a bit of a downer about being self employed. Being completely honest, business is a bit slow at the moment and I was just feeling a bit disheartened that things have gone a bit quiet given all of the hard work I put in to marketing and promoting the business. Whilst I didn't expect it to be easy and all plain sailing (in fact I knew it would, in some respects, be harder than being employed!) it can be worrying.

Post Natal Depression - My experience

I've seen quite a lot on Post Natal Depression on Facebook recently. Having suffered from it, albeit mildly, with both my boys, I am particularly outspoken in my promotion of the condition, never afraid to tell anyone that I have had it, and that I have been medically treated as I strongly believe it is nothing to be ashamed of. If hearing my story helps someone, it's worth it. Post Natal Depression (or indeed Ante Natal Depression) can affect anyone, you don't have to be 'predisposed' to it.

Snow Fun?

This time 15 months ago I'd have been rejoicing at the snow because, being perfectly frank, it meant a snow day off work whilst still being paid and time to have fun with the children! 

Whilst I still love the snow and the way the world looks under a pure, white, fluffy blanket, it is now only fun at the weekends when I don't have classes to run, because being self employed, no work means no money.

In awe of this woman

This is just a quick blog post whilst I am sitting watching DIY SOS Big Build about the lady who, with three children already, took on her best friend's five children when she passed away. What an incredible, selfless, kind woman - amazing. 

And with eight children, she still holds down a full time job! 

I must remind myself of this whenever I'm complaining about having too much to do!