Welcome to Tums to Tiddlers!

Welcome to Tums to Tiddlers! Whether you are pregnant, have just had your baby or have a toddler on the loose, Tums To Tiddlers aims to provide a growing collection of products for you and your family.

We offer Labour TENS machine hire, a library of pregnancy and childcare books and a growing range of products which we think are fantastic for mums, dads and little ones. So hopefully there is something we can do for you, but if not, just sit back and enjoy our blog with a cuppa!

Gift Vouchers & Music CDs

Various gift vouchers are available. To order, please email tumstotiddlers@hotmail.co.uk

Daisy Birthing
  • Daisy Birthing® 6-week term - £54.00 
  • Daisy Birthing® 6-week term plus Silverlake music CD - £59.00 (save £3) 
  • Lazy Daisy Silver Lake music CD only. Daisy Birthing® classes are set to this sound track and the music will become a strong birth anchor, linked to your learning of the movement, breathing and relaxation during your course. Now you can take it in to your labour setting for just £8.

Daisy Baby
    • Daisy Baby™ Tines 6-week term - £40.00
    • Daisy Baby™ Tinies 6-week term plus Sleepy Time music CD - £45.00 (save £3)
    • Daisy Baby Sleep Time music CD only. Why not take the calming influences of your Daisy Baby classes home with you with the beautiful Sleepy Time sound track which the classes are set to. Perfect for some massage or quiet bonding time at home or for helping baby drift off to sleep at bedtime. £8.