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Snow Fun?

This time 15 months ago I'd have been rejoicing at the snow because, being perfectly frank, it meant a snow day off work whilst still being paid and time to have fun with the children! 

Whilst I still love the snow and the way the world looks under a pure, white, fluffy blanket, it is now only fun at the weekends when I don't have classes to run, because being self employed, no work means no money.

Added to that, hubby is a self employed builder, so even if he can get to work, unless it's inside and doesn't involve building, he has no hope!

This weekend has been great - we've had time to cook with the boys, we've played out in the snow with our good friends and then come back home to warm up in front of the fire with a cuppa (or a wine!) and a cookie (the ones we baked together!) and we've not had to go anywhere. The kids have absolutely loved it. And that's part of snow's appeal when it is really heavy - it enforces some time to slow down and spend some time with family without rushing around and have fun in the snow!

Tomorrow however, I have two classes and I'm now sitting looking out of the window with the snow still coming down and hoping it stops before it makes the roads impassable and I have to cancel the classes for my ladies' (and babies') safety. 

So now the snow is both a delight and a pain depending on what day of the week it is!

How do you feel about the snow? Do your little ones love it? If you are self employed, how does it affect you and your business? 

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  1. Re the business - I set it up as a remote system so none of my guys have an excuse, they can all work from home! Meetings have had to be postponed though, some due to Heathrow being backed up, which like you directly affects revenue.

    As I'm now 39+ weeks pregnant, though, and hoping for a home birth, hubby and I are looking out of the windows feeling a bit worried that the midwife wouldn't be able to get here if things started, ditto care for the two-year-old, which would make this birth... interesting! Wonder what crèche care at Northampton General is like!

    Massive upside is husband can't get to work tomorrow :-)))) Swings and roundabouts!